About The Show

It takes up to 15,000-lbs of food to satisfy every creature at Georgia Aquarium. From tiny two-inch archerfish to the massive 25-foot whale sharks.


Episode 1

Coral Super Bowl

The staff are concerned when a beloved African penguin falls mysteriously ill. Then, the aquarium witnesses the annual spawning of an endangered coral species.

Episode 2

Bacon And Tomato's Big Adventure

The staff use laser-equipped cameras to determine just how long Trixie the whale shark is. Plus, a shy box turtle makes friends.

Episode 3

Big Is Beautiful

After devouring all his tankmate's food, a hungry sea turtle finds a space to eat in peace. Plus, two beluga whales are welcomed to their new home.

Episode 4

Sea Otter Summer Camp

A rescued sea otter must build his independence after becoming too attached to his best friend. And, over 50 African penguins are moved for spring cleaning.

Episode 5

Big Momma's Surprise

A sea lion has tummy trouble and the team feeds him a snack to help them investigate why. Plus, Big Mama the guitarfish may be living up to her name.

Episode 6

Maggie The Magnificent

Technology from California is brought to the aquarium to monitor beluga whale activity. And, a sea star undergoes a check-up after suspicious growths form.

Episode 7

Four Chicks And Counting

The African penguin colony welcome their newest additions after a successful mating season. Plus, a sea otter is introduced to the rest of the raft.

Episode 8

Ghost Gators

The team is eager to open their new exhibit featuring rare albino alligators. Plus, divers must swim with Taroko the whale shark to get a blood sample.

Episode 9

Expedition Whale Shark

Aquarium staff travel to a remote island to get footage of whale sharks during mating season. Plus, a seal is treated for joint pain.

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