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With 300 inventions, Nikola Tesla’s mind still dominates the world today. Recently declassified documents open up a treasure trove of new information about his research.


Episode 1

Mad Scientist On Long Island

The life, work and mysterious death of inventor Nikola Tesla. Did he create the first weapon of mass destruction, the 'Death Ray'?

Episode 1

Rebel Genius

With 300 inventions, Nikola Tesla's work still dominates, but who was he? Interviews with experts reveal the fascinating life of the great inventor.

Episode 2

Search for the Lost Lab

The team starts on their reconstruction of Tesla's Death Ray. Jack and Cameron go to Colorado Springs seeking the site of his laboratory.

Episode 3

A Suspect In Serbia

After Aron's successful test of his Death Ray, Jack focuses on Tesla's potential murder. The first suspect takes him overseas to Serbia to look for clues.

Episode 4

In Hitler's Crosshairs

The team travels to Serbia, Tesla's homeland, and discovers unseen documents drawn by Tesla himself. Meanwhile, the Death Ray build moves ahead.

Episode 5

Superweapon Unleashed

The team explores Tesla's death, chasing leads to the CIA and FBI for his missing notes. Was the Death Ray-prototype the motive for murder?

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