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17th July


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Tow truck drivers patrol Las Vegas’ streets and parking lots, dealing with the wrath of Sin City’s craziest characters.


Jul 17



Episode 4

Tricks, Treats And Tows

Halloween on the strip means huge crowds and Vegas' scariest tows. A drunk man dressed like a giant baby refuses to let Shawn tow his car.

Episode 1

Car Sharks

Tow truck drivers hunt for illegally parked cars in Las Vegas. A driver gambles and accepts payment in casino chips. A tow truck driver is attacked.

Episode 2

Bachelor Party Foul

Sparks fly at a strip club when TW's tow interrupts a bachelor party. Jeremy and Elmer's tow of an "untouchable" car turns into a heated standoff.

Episode 3

Shawn Comes Up Snake Eyes

At a call on the Strip, tow truck driver Shawn is shocked by a six-foot python in a car's front seat. TW tangles with a motel customer twice his size.

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