Episode 1

Summer in the Hamptons

Jillian finds trouble when she drinks too much and fails to show up at work the next day. Plus, Zach's birthday party causes stress for Chef Brogan.

Episode 2

Hookups at the House

After a disastrous birthday event, Jack and Hailey muster the courage to confront Zach. Plus, Jillian accuses Sam of trying to keep her away from Ethan.

Episode 3

Chaos at the Winery

The restaurant hosts an epic beach party for a wealthy client. Zach suspends Jillian for breaking his rules. Hailey reveals that Sam and Ethan had sex.

Episode 4

Tequila Trouble

Zach trusts the staff to throw a tequila brunch for an important client, but it doesn't go as planned. Plus, a kissing game at a dive bar ends in tears.

Episode 5

Farewell Party Problems

Brogan looks to redeem herself when a VIP investor asks for dinner after midnight. The farewell party is a lovefest until fights break out among the staff.

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