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A look at the inner workings of the world’s premier bridal salon, Kleinfeld’s Bridal as Randy and the team introduce new consultants and new dresses to blushing brides-to-be!


Episode 1

From Snickers Bar To Caviar

Kerry's outrageous entourage keeps stealing her spotlight! Gretchen needs a gown all four of her sisters will love, and Alex questions her dress choice.

Episode 1

Twenty Freakin' Seasons

Randy and the Kleinfeld Bridal family gather to reminisce about the most outrageous, emotional, and dramatic moments in series history!

Episode 2

Is Anyone Listening To Me?

Kayla's family threatens to take over her appointment. Milan considers getting h a customised dress. Prashanthi's fitting doesn't go according to plan.

Episode 3

Diva With A Capital D

Emerald tries to convince her mum to let her double her dress budget! Singer Jillian looks to her dad for approval and Elaina's returns for her fitting.

Episode 4

Get Along And Get This Dress

Liana heads to Kleinfeld to find a dress for her wedding that's only four months away. Meredith wants a dress that gives her that fairy-tale feeling.

Episode 5

I Got Engaged Last Night!

Monique has waited 20 years to get a dress that makes her look like a queen. Plus, Lauren wants a dress with wings, and Debbie has her third fitting.

Episode 6

I'm Gonna Be The Problem Child Here

Bride Nina rushes to find a reception dress she can bust a move in! Couple Ashley and Amber need to find a jumpsuit for Amber and a gown for Ashley.

Episode 7

Three B's: Back, Biceps, Booty

Victoria wants to show off her back, curves, and biceps, but Grandma wants her to cover up! Plus, Dominique has a little panic in the stockroom.

Episode 8

Give The Man What He Wants

Amanda's back at Kleinfeld to find a second dress after her fiancé hated her first pick. Plus, Kindra and Jamel forget a key element of their wedding!

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