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A look at the inner workings of the world’s premier bridal salon, Kleinfeld’s Bridal as Randy and the team introduce new consultants and new dresses to blushing brides-to-be!


Episode 1

Nobody Suspects A Thing

Lori has kept a secret from her entourage and now it's time for the big reveal! Merchandise Director Dorothy tries on a wedding dress for the first time.

Episode 1

That's Bold

Some brides make daring dress choices, and some brides are true to themselves. Randy takes a walk down memory lane and salutes some of the boldest brides ever!

Episode 2

Tens Across The Board

Non-binary bride Kevin's vision puts Randy and Peter to the test. New consultant Olivia struggles to hold her own against the world's bossiest best friend.

Episode 3

She Said Maybe To The Dress

Radio host Kenzie wants a dress that is as loud and sparkly as her personality. Plus, Jenny Tolman gets married on a beautiful, snowy mountaintop.

Episode 4

It's Gotta Be ... Substantial

Vanisha wants a sexy dress, but her opinionated sisters become an obstacle. Paris is a former bridal consultant who needs an over-the-top ball gown.

Episode 5

Didn't Mean To Make Randy Cry

New consultant Cat tries to find the perfect dress for singer-songwriter Mary Lambert. Bald bride Rachel makes comments that bring Randy to tears.

Episode 6

I'm Marrying Me

One-of-a-kind bride Nicoletta arrives with crystals, sage, and a plan to marry herself. Paraplegic bride, Natalie hopes to experience that magical bridal feeling.

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