Episode 1


Members of the original cast and new faces navigate life balancing their Amish values and community with 'new world' freedoms.

Episode 1

Karma Carmela Chameleon

Jeremiah and Carmela get away from the stress of baby-making. And Rosanna must choose between her Amish boyfriend or the English life.

Episode 2

Daniel, My Brother

Johnny panics when he goes to an English nightclub for the first time, and Sabrina deals with a medical scare. Kenneth pursue his dreams of playing basketball.

Episode 3

Fannie, Are You OK?

Jethro comes back to make amends with Sabrina. Kenneth tests his basketball skills. Rosanna's older brother learns about her sleeping arrangements.

Episode 4

Come On, Maureen

Rosanna's brother accuses Ada of eroding the Amish values in the house. Later, Maureen confides in Sabrina and Fannie has a traumatic beach experience.

Episode 5

Meet You All The Way

Rosanna tries to persuade Johnny to stay in the English world. Kenneth faces a harsh reality about his dream. Ada finds romance in an unlikely place.

Episode 6

Smooth Oper-Ada

Daniel brings home an English girl, and Fannie is heartbroken. Johnny's fear about partying at the house leads to a physical fight between him and Ray.

Episode 7

Johnny B. Goode

Sabrina and Jeremiah confront the new Amish about making bad decisions. Johnny tells Rosanna she must choose between him and English world.

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