Episode 1


Members of the original cast and new faces navigate life balancing their Amish values and community with 'new world' freedoms.

Episode 1

Karma Carmela Chameleon

Jeremiah and Carmela get away from the stress of baby-making. And Rosanna must choose between her Amish boyfriend or the English life.

Episode 2

Daniel, My Brother

Johnny panics when he goes to an English nightclub for the first time, and Sabrina deals with a medical scare. Kenneth pursue his dreams of playing basketball.

Episode 3

Fannie, Are You OK?

Jethro comes back to make amends with Sabrina. Kenneth tests his basketball skills. Rosanna's older brother learns about her sleeping arrangements.

Episode 4

Come On, Maureen

Rosanna's brother accuses Ada of eroding the Amish values in the house. Later, Maureen confides in Sabrina and Fannie has a traumatic beach experience.

Episode 5

Meet You All The Way

Rosanna tries to persuade Johnny to stay in the English world. Kenneth faces a harsh reality about his dream. Ada finds romance in an unlikely place.

Episode 6

Smooth Oper-Ada

Daniel brings home an English girl, and Fannie is heartbroken. Johnny's fear about partying at the house leads to a physical fight between him and Ray.

Episode 7

Johnny B. Goode

Sabrina and Jeremiah confront the new Amish about making bad decisions. Johnny tells Rosanna she must choose between him and English world.

Episode 8

What's The Frequency, Kenneth

Daniel, Kenneth and Fannie get their English makeovers. Rosanna and Johnny make a surprising discovery and must get their Bishop's blessing to marry.

Episode 9

Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog

Kenneth, Daniel and Fannie reveal whether they will go English or stay Amish to their families. And Jeremiah meets his biological grandmother.

Episode 10

Funky Cold Sabrina

Jeremiah pays tribute to his father. Rosanna's brother, Ray, gets arrested and she and Johnny face an uncertain future. Everyone unites to meet Sabrina's baby.

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