Episode 1

Into The Wild

Renowned bear handler Jeff Watson sets out on an adventure to teach his two 700lb grizzly bears, Bob and Screech, how to survive on their own in the wild.

Episode 2

To Teach A Bear To Fish

Jeff begins his lifelong dream of re-wilding Bob and Screech. But fishing proves more difficult than imagined and Bob appears to be falling behind.

Episode 3

What About Bob?

Jeff teaches the bears to forage in the wild, but when Bob slashes Jeff in the arm he refuses medical care. Jeff is forced to consider the difficulty of their...

Episode 4

Bears On The Run

Jeff's unconventional hunting lessons fail to prepare Bob and Screech to hunt game in the wild, but he discovers they may be learning on their own.

Episode 5

Teenage Bears

Jeff is pleased with Bob and Screech learning how to feed themselves. He teaches them how to den up for the winter. Plus, the grizzlies get territorial.

Episode 6

Letting Go

As the bears' re-wilding journey nears its end, Jeff has one lesson left to teach - fear of humans. Their release date is imminent but will they be ready to...

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