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Paranormal investigators Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman spend 72 hours confined in America’s most haunted locations to capture physical evidence on record.


Episode 1

Oliver House

Nick and Katrina head to Massachusetts to investigate a colonial estate's tragic history. But for Nick, the paranormal activity hits too close to home.

Episode 2

Shrewsbury Prison

Nick and Katrina unlock the dark secrets of HMS Shrewsbury Prison in England, exploring 200 years of executions, anger and tragedy - and discovering new threats.

Episode 3

Monroe House

Nick and Katrina spend 72 hours untangling the mysteries of Monroe Demon House. But while Katrina engages with the occult, Nick engages with a dark presence.

Episode 4

St. Ignatius Hospital

The 120-year-old St. Ignatius Hospital in Washington has been abandoned since 2003, but is hardly uninhabited. Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman check in.

Episode 5

Malvern Manor

Drawn to small town Iowa by reports of aggressive shadow figures, Nick and Katrina venture to the harrowing halls of Malvern Manor for 72 hours to capture evidence.

Episode 6

Waverley Hills

The team seeks out the elusive shadow figures lurking in the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky. They use high-tech kit to catch shocking new paranormal evidence.

Episode 7

Bellaire House

The team is in Ohio to help a mother identify the dark energy forcing her family to flee their home - and find chilling evidence about the spirit's evil intentions.

Episode 8

Statler City Hotel

In their biggest investigation yet, Nick and Katrina spend 72 hours exploring the Statler City Hotel in Buffalo, NY - and uncover its sordid underground history.

Episode 9

White Hill Mansion

Nick and Katrina are at New Jersey's White Hill Mansion. While gathering evidence of a child in the attic, the mansion's history as a mob hangout raises concerns.

Episode 10

Rampart St Murder House

Nick and Katrina spend 72 hours in the home of New Orleans' most gruesome murder - the grisly death of Addie Hall at the hands of her boyfriend, Zack Bowen.

Episode 11

Scutt Mansion

After the owner's tragic death, a Victorian mansion is said to curse all who inhabit it. As Nick and Katrina stay at Illinois' most haunted house, do they risk danger?

Episode 12

Old Chatham County Jail

Nick and Katrina explore uncharted territory in the haunted Old Chatham County Jail in Savannah, and are hit by phantom noises in their 72-hour confinement.

Episode 13

Paranormal Lockdown: Evidence Revealed

Nick, Katrina and fellow enthusiast, Aaron Sagers, recount their 72-hour investigations with unseen footage and in-depth evidence analysis.

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