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About The Show

A cop delivers a baby at a gas station, a woman has a baby six days after learning she’s pregnant, and an aspiring singer gives birth during a talent competition.


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Episode 1

Baby in a Hurricane

A woman gives birth prematurely during Hurricane Sandy, an army soldier coaches his wife's delivery from Afghanistan and a baby is delivered in a parking lot.

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Episode 2

Wedding Crasher Baby

An emergency birth interrupts a wedding, a woman delivers after crashing her car into a canal and a baby is born prematurely at home.

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Episode 3

Baby Born Twice

A baby is born twice to correct a deadly condition, a woman goes into labour as the hospital is torn apart by a tornado and daddy comes to the rescue.

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Episode 4

Born on a Sidewalk

A woman delivers while hailing a cab, a delivery becomes life-threatening when a strict religious community get involved and twins give birth together.

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Episode 5

Snake Bite Baby

A best friend's offer to be a surrogate results in a life-threatening pregnancy, and a woman is bitten by a deadly snake three weeks before her due date.

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Episode 6

Born in an Elevator

A woman in labour makes a late night dash to the hospital - but ends up at a truck stop where the only people who can help are two truckers.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Surrogate Grandma

A grandma-to-be acts as surrogate for her daughter's baby, a baby arrives at a playground, and a woman gives birth at home, helped by her three-year old son.