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Eric is in Florida where he is going face to face with the state’s deadliest predator. He intends to catch a gator with only a rod, reel and a huge hook.


Episode 1

Black and Bluefishing

Eric is at the annual migration of striped bass and bluefish past Long Island. He is trying out surfcasting, but will his new method land him a prize fish?

Episode 2

Eric and Goliath

Eric has a Goliath Grouper on his hit list, which can weigh up to 800 pounds. He plans on using only a rope and his brute strength to reel it...

Episode 3

Hook, Line and Gator

Eric is in Florida where he is going face to face with the state's deadliest predator. He intends to catch a gator with only a rod, reel and a huge...

Episode 4

Beard in the Big Blue Water

Armed only with a spear gun and one breath of air, Eric is free diving for fish in the shark infested ocean 25 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico.

Episode 5

Deadliest Cod

Eric Young tries his luck fishing in the frigid waters of the Bering Sea. He endures huge waves and heavy snow to get his hands on some cod.

Episode 6

Grizzly Eric

Eric is off the grid in the barren Alaskan wilderness to battle Northern Pike. He's enduring frigid temperatures and complete isolation to land a monster fish.

Episode 7

Land Of 10,000 Iceholes

Outdoorsman and wrestler Eric Young goes hand to hand with America's most extreme anglers. Eric goes ice fishing in Minnesota at the annual Eelpout Festival.

Episode 8

Kicking Ice

Eric tries his hand at 'ice boating,' a sport consisting of die-hard sailors speeding across a frozen river. Then he attempts to spear fish under an icy river.

Episode 9


Eric heads to Hawaii to become an old school warrior, where he tries his hand at cliff diving and fishing in a traditional outrigger canoe to handline for ahi tuna.

Episode 10

Hawaiian Lu-Ow!

Eric is in Hawaii where he's after opihi, also known as the fish of death. Then he's diving for octopus, where he'll have to wrestle them into submission by hand.

Episode 11

Cull Of The Wild Men

Eric heads to Florida to go shark fishing. He's 'fishing the cull', trailing a shrimp boat after it's dumped its' bycatch, which ignites a feeding frenzy.

Episode 12

Marlin Impossible

Eric heads to Mexico to catch one of the hardest fighting fish in the ocean, the striped marlin. He plans to do it in a small kayak. But will he...

Episode 13


Eric Young heads to Corpus Christi in Texas, and he's on the hunt for the dangerous and aggressive bull shark. But will he manage to reel in a monster catch?

Episode 14

Beard Science

Eric searches for the elusive Sevengill Shark. Scientists need to know more about it, and the only way to do that is to find one and tag it. But will...

Episode 15

Like A Sturgeon (Hooked For The Very First Time)

Eric heads to the Pacific Northwest on his search for Sturgeon, a huge, bony-plated fish that's been described as a living fossil.

Episode 16

Best Of 'Off the Hook: Extreme Catches'

Join Eric to revisit the best moments from this eventful series, including Eric's funniest moments and the best "never before seen" footage.

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