Episode 1

Mummy Cat

In Obscura Antiques and Oddities Mike, Ryan and Evan bargain with a mummified cat, a playwright with a passion for straitjackets and musket balls with a mysterious origin.

Episode 2

Skull Envy

Ryan tries to create an exploded skull, Evan meets a puppeteer in search of a prosthetic limb and a customer has, what appears to be, a body in the trunk...

Episode 3

Spider Prank

Ryan is on the hunt for a monkey skull, Evan attempts to help a customer prank his unsuspecting girlfriend and Mike takes a chance on an ancient medical concoction.

Episode 4

The Model Mortician

The guys receive a bizarre request by an ex-model mortician, and has Evan mistakenly bought fake, fossilised dinosaur faeces?

Episode 5

Mummified Hand

A client tries to sell what he believes is Ancient Egyptian treasure, a woman brings in her unique artwork and a medical bag that Mike can't wait to dig through.

Episode 6

Four Legged Chicken

Mike and Ryan bet a client they can find a rare taxidermy piece - the elusive sloth. Plus, a gruesome bloodletting kit that a pain artist wants to use on...

Episode 7

Pickled Pig

On the hunt for a human skeleton Ryan and Mike end up in the back of a hearse, and Mike can't stop salivating over a pickled pig.

Episode 8

Teeth on a Stick

Evan finds the perfect gift for a client's dentist, while Mike watches the world's smallest escape artist. Plus, a huge collection of medical oddities.

Episode 9

The Chair

Evan doubts the purchase of a two-bodied duck and magicians are looking for taxidermy that only Ryan can create.

Episode 10

The Bulb Cruncher

Mike decides to DNA test a book bound by human skin. Plus, an intriguing buyer offers to perform a cutting edge stunt with a light bulb.

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