Episode 1

Criss-Cross Murders

When Veronica Bozza's body is found on her living room floor, it sends shockwaves through her community and a bizarre unexpected twist is uncovered.

Episode 2

Dear Katherine, It's Me The Killer

When 18-year-old Katherine Foster goes missing, terror strikes the heart of the University of South Alabama. Is there a killer in their midst?

Episode 3

The Unwelcome Wagon

When Michael Severance goes AWOL the community of San Angelo rallies around his new bride. But is there something more sinister behind his disappearance?

Episode 4

The Key To Murder

When former homecoming queen, Melinda Snyder, is killed, her home-town is embroiled in a mystery that wouldn't be settled for a long time.

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Death Takes A Toll

Michael Zammitti Jr. had it all. But when that life is shattered, police must untangle a web of corruption that will rock two New England towns to their core.

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Everyone Has A Motive

When John Kowalczyk is shot dead, rumours fly in his quiet town. Friends can't imagine who would murder the successful entrepreneur, but suspects soon emerge.