Episode 1

The Accidental Erection

16 singles arrive on the island and bare it all for a chance at love. Barak finds it hard to hide his attraction to Lauren, while Ben serenades Cassalei.

Episode 2

Thirsty in Paradise

As Bennett and Britt get physical, Candice plots to get him back. Cassalei falls hard for Jay, while Barak and Chelsea share a surprise kiss.

Episode 3

Tinder Gone Wild

Barak goes on a romantic date with Chelsea, while sparks fly when Candice teaches Jay how to hot hula. Plus, two unlucky lovers leave the island.

Episode 4

Island Heatwave

Crystal sets her sights on a surprising new romantic partner as the groups merge together. Cass breaks up Barak and Chelsea, but will it last?

Episode 5

Size Does Matter

When Britt decides bigger is better, Bennett is kicked to the curb. Crystal and Candice stay behind to explore a connection they didn't see coming.

Episode 6

Flex On The Beach

Will Cassalei's ultimatum make Jay change his ways? Meanwhile, Bennett is stuck on Britt, but a cliff jump with Rachel could mean a change of heart.

Episode 7

I Kissed A Girl

Crystal takes Candice to a romantic waterfall and makes her move. Plus, will a secret exposed be the beginning of the end for Cass and Jay?

Episode 8

A Sticky Situationship

Bennett reignites sparks with Britt and sets off a firestorm from Michael. Is a steamy date between Stef and Ari a step forward or the beginning of the end?

Episode 9

Stef Up Or Stef Off

Arielle confronts Stefen about their status, sending shockwaves through camp. Meanwhile, Michael reveals a darker side that tests everything with Britt.

Episode 10

Official Or Island Dismissal?

It's the last night in paradise and each couple is tested. Crystal grows frustrated with Candice whilst Michael sees yellow flags with Britt.

Episode 11

Why Are We Not Making Out?

Tension's high as the couples decide to leave together or split up. Crystal is on edge as Candice decides if she can date a woman in the real world.

Episode 12

Clothes On, Gloves Off

Revelations of a shirtless selfie and a drunken hook-up rock the reunion. Plus, a raucous Nashville night threatens one couple.

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