Episode 1

The Sinner and The Saint

When beloved teacher Margaret Jack Sliger is murdered on her farm, there is little evidence to go on. Will detectives find the killer and bring the community justice?

Episode 2

Something's Not Right

When 18-year-old Julie Heath goes missing in rural Arkansas, the small town begins a desperate search for her. But no one expects the horror that ensues.

Episode 3

Tragedy Comes In Pairs

In the desert town of Socorro, New Mexico, Crystal Houston is found murdered just 14 months after her sister, Stephanie, is killed in a suspicious accident.

Episode 4

Hellfire In The Hollow

When a 21-year-old mother doesn't return from night classes and her car is found burned, foul play is suspected. The web of lies that unfolds is shocking.

Episode 5

The Dangers Of Success

As a prominent family awakens to noises in the night, their worst nightmare ensues when their beloved daughter, Terri Ann McCoy is fatally shot.

Episode 6

End Of Watch

The town of Cleveland, Oklahoma, is shocked when its esteemed Sheriff is shot dead. Law enforcement determines to find justice for their fellow officer.

Episode 7

Trailing The Devil

A nightmare wreaks havoc on the village of Armada, Michigan when 14-year-old April Millsap is found murdered on a bike trail. But, evidence is scant.

Episode 8

The Last Face She Saw

When a popular pizza restaurant in Claypool Hill, VA becomes a horrific crime scene, locals are stunned. Clues reveal it's more than robbery.

Episode 9

No Witnesses

When two young ladies don't return home from the local drive-thru, their parents search for them. A fisherman gives police their first clue something evil happened.

Episode 10

Friendly Foes

The double homicide of a young mother and her 21-month-old daughter sends Galax's tiny police force on a frenzied mission to stop unspeakable evil in its tracks.

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