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Coming Soon

Episode 1

Bread and Beer

On his search for the characters of the 19th century, Mark discovers that beer was drunk instead of water as the fermentation process killed off bugs.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Gas on Wheels

Mark Williams examines the trials of the great Scottish inventor William Murdoch, whose experiments led to the first gas-lit house and gas-powered vehicles.

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Episode 5

Under Pressure

Did you know the beer pump kick started a power revolution? Mark takes us from the beer cellar to bridges across the Tyne, all powered by hydraulics.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Heavy Metal

The story of how the Cornish mining industry developed from picking pebbles out of streams to building a honeycomb of mines running beneath the sea.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Cutting it Fine

How did beautiful silks lead to today's computer revolution? The answer: binary code. Mark Williams takes us through its invention.