Episode 1

Bread and Beer

On his search for the characters of the 19th century, Mark discovers that beer was drunk instead of water as the fermentation process killed off bugs.

Episode 3

Gas on Wheels

Mark Williams examines the trials of the great Scottish inventor William Murdoch, whose experiments led to the first gas-lit house and gas-powered vehicles.

Episode 5

Under Pressure

Did you know the beer pump kick started a power revolution? Mark takes us from the beer cellar to bridges across the Tyne, all powered by hydraulics.

Episode 8

Heavy Metal

The story of how the Cornish mining industry developed from picking pebbles out of streams to building a honeycomb of mines running beneath the sea.

Episode 9

Cutting it Fine

How did beautiful silks lead to today's computer revolution? The answer: binary code. Mark Williams takes us through its invention.

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