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‘Fired Up Garage’ goes to work on a ’67 Chevelle. The team also enters a demolition derby for publicity, running into old co-worker Richard Rawlings.


Episode 1

Fired Up And Throwing Down

The Misfits prepare for their next project - a rare 2WD 1978 Blazer. But after one of their long-time partners decides to quit, have they hit a roadblock?

Episode 2

Blaze It Up

After Richard Rawlings blocks Fired Up from entering the Lone Star Throwdown truck show, they must race to finish their build to find a buyer.

Episode 3

X Marks The Parts

Thomas finds a rare but pristine '68 AMC AMX. But, finding parts for this American Motor Experimental car makes this one of the toughest builds yet!

Episode 4

Wires And Misfires

The mechanics try to put the 1968 AMC AMX engine and transmission together. But, can they find their way through wires and misfires?

Episode 5

Street Fighting 70 1/2 Camaro

Thomas finds a 70 1/2 Camaro on the side of the road. After a tough negotiation with the owner, the Fired Up Garage team takes the Camaro home.

Episode 6

A Jurassic Sized Adventure

Chris Pratt has reached out to Fired Up Garage, personally, to request a custom bike inspired by the blockbuster Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Episode 7

United Kingdom of Misfits

Thomas gets his hands dirty when he finds a '61 Morris Minor hidden in a pile of dirt. The team put some American swagger into the vintage British car.

Episode 8

Minor Fire

With a deadline looming, the boys aim to finish building their first ever foreign import - a 1961 Morris Minor. And, Thomas unearths a 1932 Ford Model A Roadster.

Episode 9

Orange You Glad

Fired Up Garage get their hands on a 1964 GMC Truck, a popular work vehicle. But problems arise right after John Klump and the team start work on the tough...

Episode 10

Pound Town

The guys work on completing the 1964 GMC Truck. John Klump and his team deal with parts issues and Richard stops by for money from the "Tom Weight Loss" wager.

Episode 11

Barter Bucket

The Misfits take on a 1927 Ford Model T coup, to turn it into a version of the classic hot rod known as the "T Bucket". Plus, who will win...

Episode 12

The Cooler

After the "bucket" for the Misfits' classic T Bucket hot rod build returns from paint, the guys mount the body onto the chassis and John tackles the wiring.

Episode 13

The Story Of FU

The gang at Fired Up walk down memory lane and take a look back where it all began on Misfits Garage.

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