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25th January


About The Show

Climb aboard as Mighty Ships provides exclusive access to some of the world’s most astonishing working ships. Learn about the inner workings of these sophisticated vessels – from the mechanics of modern sea-faring to the human dramas on board.

Shot in HD, the series features stunning visuals from aboard these boats, with unprecedented access to everything above and below deck. Plus follow the intricate relationships of those on board, such as the crew and staff who navigate these crafts, and find out what makes their jobs so unique and challenging.


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Episode 1

Yasin Bey

The Yasin Bey is a ship and power plant all in one. It takes a four-week voyage from Turkey to Indonesia to deliver badly-needed electricity.

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Episode 2

MSC Oscar

The container ship MSC Oscar is one of the largest ships on earth, transporting 20,000 crates of cargo. It traverses the world, from China and Malaysia to Germany.

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Episode 3


Each week, Norröna ferries up to 1500 passengers, 800 vehicles and millions of dollars' worth of fish on one of the longest, toughest ferry routes in the world.

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Episode 4

MSC Meraviglia

Meraviglia is Italian for wonder. The newest ship from MSC Cruises' does all it can to live up to that name, leaving both passengers and crew awestruck.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Sapura 3500

Just off the coast of Malaysia, the ultimate heavy-lift pipe laying vessel, Sapura 3500, has just three weeks to build an offshore gas platform in the South China Sea.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Edda Freya

In Norway's largest oil and gas field, the Edda Freya repairs and replaces critical gas platform pipelines. It's a dangerous job, and one false move could mean disaster.