Episode 1

Flintlock Axe Pistol

Three craftsmen compete in front of a panel of expert judges to make the best historical European-style battle axe, and a combination flintlock axe-pistol.

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4


Three expert craftsmen tackle two iconic weapons, starting with the gunstock war club. After one is eliminated, the remaining craftsmen work on the deadly blunderbuss.

Episode 5

Arbalest Crossbow

This time the craftsmen compete to quickly build a steel bow. And then, in the master build challenge, they must make a heavy crossbow known as an arbalest.

Episode 6

Grenade Launcher

Three expert craftsmen must build the best flintlock rifle they can to impress the panel of judges. Two then survive to build a 17th Century grenade launcher.

Episode 7

Blades of WWI

The craftsmen are asked to build weapons from the modern era this time, a deadly trench knife and then, in the master build challenge, a 1913 cavalry sabre.

Episode 8

Elgin Pistol

In the quickdraw challenge, three expert craftsmen must build a 19th Century Bowie knife. Next, the two remaining craftsmen must build an Elgin cutlass pistol.

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