Episode 1

Steaks With Snakes

After a lively year together, Brianna and Bill plan a big blowout for her 22nd birthday. Brian and Gentille reconnect for the first time since their break-up.

Episode 2

Rich Man, Poor Plan

After Bri's mum causes a fight with Bill's ex-wife, Bri tries to make peace. Reese faces his family's fury regarding the future of his relationship with Nonie.

Episode 3

Daddy Issues

Rick tries to impress as he meets Erica's dad for the first time. Nonie's friends question Reese's intentions, while Gentille celebrates her birthday.

Episode 4

I Can't Get No Satisfaction

Bill is under fire at a tense dinner with his ex-wife and Brianna's family. Rodney tells his mother about Desiry, and Reese considers becoming a sperm donor.

Episode 5

Birthdays, Babies, And Blowups

Brianna grills Bill about his cheating past. Rick gets a naughty birthday gift from Erica, while Desiry shocks Rodney's mother at dinner.

Episode 6

Mother's Point Of View

Tensions boil over as Reese's family visit Nonie's home. Rodney's mother raises her concerns about Desiry, and Bill takes Brianna on a surprise trip.

Episode 7

An Indecent Proposal

Rick proposes to Erica, but she's worried what her family will think. Kevin argues with Kattie's friend, while Bri's mother moves into Bill's home.

Episode 8

Rough Waters Ahead

Desiry storms off after Rodney makes a shocking revelation. Erica's father voices his disapproval of her engagement, while Donovan goes ring shopping.

Episode 9

Love On The Rocks

Rick gets a frosty response when he apologises to Erica's father. Rodney considers proposing to Desiry, while Reese and Nonie prepare to move in together.

Episode 12

Fear And Lambos In Las Vegas

Dani seeks advice after Donovan suggests a prenup. Kevin pushes Kattie to find a job, while Erica receives an encouraging call from her grandmother.

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