Episode 1

Cornish Steam Giant

Comedy actor Mark Williams celebrates two hundred years of trains, charting the development of the first locomotive by Richard Trevithick in 1804.

Episode 2

Rocket Men

Comedy actor Mark Williams celebrates 200 years of trains, tracking the creation of railways in North East England by George Stephenson and his son.

Episode 3


Comedy actor Mark Williams celebrates two hundred years of trains, investigating Brunel's development of the highly advanced Great Western Railway.

Episode 4

Moving Mountains

Mark Williams rides the American railroad to explore how the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad linked the east and west coasts of America.

Episode 5

Carriage Kings

Mark explores how the introduction of railways affected society, riding in an old 3rd class carriage before travelling in style on the Orient Express.

Episode 6

Death on the Tracks

Mark learns how during the early days of train travel, death on the tracks was tragically common and how flags and electric levers helped avoid this.

Episode 7

Big Country

Mark discovers how a curious engine was used to transport slate down the Welsh mountains, inspired by an amazing railway in the Rocky Mountains.

Episode 8

Speed and Power

Mark explains how the race for speed during the 1920s and 1930s led to locomotives setting records that are still a match for modern rail travel.

Episode 9

Going Underground

Mark gets to grips with the oldest underground train network in the world, London's Underground, and travels through an early tunnel under the Thames.

Episode 10

Diesel Generation

Mark explores the introduction of diesel electric systems in 1953 and drives a Class 31 complete with hot plate, windscreen wiper and ashtrays.

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