Episode 1

Into The Woods

When Kathey Horn vanishes, some believe she's following the Grateful Dead. Others think she was sacrificed in a Wicca initiation. Does the man with the van know?

Episode 2

Catfish Killer

After Kacie Woody discovers Internet chat rooms, she is exchanging messages with her latest love interest, when a silver van creaks to a stop outside her house.

Episode 3

Handsome Devil

Kenia Monge disappears from a downtown Denver nightclub after a night of drinking and dancing, after she fatefully encounters a man with a van. What happened?

Episode 4

Road Rage

When Ray and Marie Thornton go for a drive, a tailgating van nearly chases them off the road. They spot the driver changing license plates and dumping a bloody sheet.

Episode 5

Blood Mountain

Meredith Emerson starts the new year by hiking on Georgia's Blood Mountain with her dog. When she vanishes and her dog is found 60 miles away a frantic search begins.

Episode 6


Dawnia Dacosta stops at church for evening service. One night, she runs out of fuel and walks to a nearby station when a man in a van offers a ride...

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