Episode 1

Monster Crabber

Deep in the wilds of Louisiana, a crab fisherman is caught stealing traps and a hunter is caught with an illegal deer. Plus, agents rescue an injured eagle.

Episode 2

Road Killer

A reckless hunter is investigated for shooting down a highway. Agents stake out a man suspected of two illegal deer kills and duck hunters are confronted for harassment.

Episode 3

Spy In The Sky

Agents track down a boat captain breaking the law in Plaquemines Parish. Plus, a family of shrimpers is investigated for pulling oversized nets.

Episode 4

Mr. Bad Guy

A repeat offender is busted for taking immature crabs and a deer decoy leads to a hunter in handcuffs. And, agents investigate a group of bird hunters.

Episode 5

Blind Rage

A search and rescue is deployed to find a missing angler. Agents confront a repeat offender for harassing hunters and a felon is caught with an illegal firearm.

Episode 6

Deer In The Headlights

Agents confront a group of duck hunters who are spotted killing non-game birds. A trespassing investigation leads to a dangerous encounter.

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