About The Show

While assisting with a fundraiser for a childhood friend, Theresa performs with her old folk group. Later, Theresa reconnects a man with his mother.


Episode 1

A Spirit Returns

The Caputos prepare for their family to grow as Theresa's daughter Victoria gets engaged. Then, Theresa heads to LA to read Louie Anderson, Wayne Brady and more.

Episode 2

A Lifetime Of Loss

Theresa reads Carol, who has experienced a huge amount of loss, and then Theresa does something she has never done before. Plus, Victoria loses her ring!

Episode 3

Larry Returns

Theresa reads a girl who may also possess the gift of communication with those who have passed. Plus, Larry is back in Long Island for Victoria's engagement party.

Episode 4

24 Hours With Theresa

Theresa spends an entire day doing non-stop readings. From the grocery store to the gym, she doesn't get a moment's rest from people's loved ones.

Episode 5

Keeping The Faith

Theresa Caputo conducts a group reading for people of several different faiths. She wants to show how everyone can be connected by spirit.