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Coming Soon

Episode 1

The Mustang GT

Emily and Aaron Reeves work on garage projects together. Their challenge is to fit a 2017 Mustang GT with a quad-tip exhaust kit.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

The Ford 9-Inch Axle

Aaron and Emily salvage the iconic Ford 9-inch axle from the rusty frame of a 1963 Mercury to rebuild for a hot rod project. But, it's not an easy job.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

The Fire Chicken

Emily and Aaron find and fix a leak in their friend's beautiful 1978 Trans Am Firebird. They've never worked on a vehicle like this before, but it won't stop them!

Coming Soon

Episode 4

The Perfect Jeep Day

Aaron and Emily tackle a Jeep Wrangler needing extra height. With a lift kit and bigger wheels to install, they try to get it done in time to enjoy the...

Coming Soon

Episode 5

The German Car

Mismatched clutch parts have caused problems for a BMW in the shop. Emily and Aaron work on their German while pulling the transmission - can they fix the issues?

Coming Soon

Episode 6

The Jeep Transmission Rebuild

Aaron and Emily plan to tear down and rebuild the manual transmission of a 1991 Jeep YJ. But it's not easy - they're unfamiliar with this application.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

The Buick Grand National

Emily and Aaron install new suspension parts on a 1984 Grand National. Upon further investigation, they learn that this powerful car is not the average Buick.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

The Marauder Engine

The engine in a rusty 1963 Marauder frame has been sitting outside for over a year and is now home to rust and rainwater. Aaron and Emily determine to revive...

Coming Soon

Episode 9

The Faux-Loci-Raptor

Emily and Aaron spot a problem with their cameraman's old F-150. There's fluid covering the back of his rear tyre, so they dig out their tools!

Coming Soon

Episode 10

The Grand National Returns

Emily and Aaron have had a weakness for a 1984 Buick Grand National since they replaced its suspension. Now, it's back for some brake upgrades.