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About The Show

Iraq, 1991 – Eight Green Berets from US Army Special Forces go deep inside Iraq to gather info on a key Iraqi location when they are suddenly attacked.


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Episode 1

Battle of Tal Afar

For centuries, the city of Tal Afar served as a trading post linking East and West. By 2005, Al-Qaeda's brutal reign turned it into a ghost town.

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Episode 2

A Tight Spot: Desert Storm

Iraq, 1991 - Eight Green Berets from US Army Special Forces go deep inside Iraq to gather info on a key Iraqi location when they are suddenly attacked.

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Episode 3

Battle of Hue: Vietnam

It's 1968, and the Battle of Hue rages in Vietnam. US marines find themselves outnumbered by enemy forces and fight to regain control of the city.

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Episode 4

Battle of Inchon: Korea

Three months after Communist North Korea invaded the South, thousands of US Marines hit the beaches behind enemy lines to form a counterattack.

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Episode 5

Rescue in Panama

Panama, 1989 - Dictator Manuel Noriega ordered captors to kill American prisoner Kurt Muse if any rescue is attempted.

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Episode 6

Invasion of Grenada

Marxist extremists seize control of Grenada's government and execute the Prime Minister. US forces plan Operation Urgent Fury in just four days.

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Episode 7

Triangle of Death: Iraq

As the Iraqi elections approach south of Baghdad is in chaos. Can US Marines make this region safe for vote-casting by repelling insurgents?

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Episode 8

SLA Gunfight

The Symbionese Liberation Army followed their kidnapping of heiress Patty Hearst with a daring bank robbery, which resulted in a shootout with the LAPD.

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Episode 9

Battle of Najaf: Iraq

Najaf, Iraq: the Imam Ali Shrine, a Shiite holy site, was off-limits to US and Iraqi coalition forces, but it didn't stop insurgents from holing up there.

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Episode 10

Ambush in Hawijah

Hawijah, Iraq 2004. Fort McHenry, the US military's Forward Operating Base outside Hawijah, suffered terrible attacks in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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Episode 11

Hill 875: Vietnam

For days the US soldiers attack Viet Cong soldiers by 'Hill 875'. Within yards of the VC, they are on the brink of one of their last victories of the...

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Episode 12

Ambush At Lake Thartar: Iraq

Iraq, 2005. A small US team come under a fierce attack. Outmanned and outgunned, their call for air support is answered by just two nearby choppers.

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Episode 13

Patrol Boat Rescue: Vietnam

Vietnam, 1969. Thirty US servicemen, in six small boats fight a hard battle against a Viet Cong force who are crossing the border into Cambodia.