Episode 1

Boom Time

Mark Williams explores the birthplace of Britain's intricate canal system to find out how crucial coal transportation was to the Industrial Revolution.

Episode 2

Pants for Everyone

Host Mark Williams learns how comfortable cotton fabrics became available to all with the creation of water-powered factory production mills.

Episode 3

Clocking On

Mark Williams is in Stoke-On-Trent to discover how Josiah Wedgewood transformed pottery into a global industry. Plus, how did James Brindley tunnel through hills?

Episode 4

Pennine Passage

Mark Williams discovers how the Leeds and Liverpool canal turned two rival counties into industrial hotbeds and made mill-owning entrepreneurs incredibly wealthy.

Episode 5

Working Iron

Host Mark Williams learns how Thomas Telford and the Darby family created new transport routes by using iron in ground-breaking ways during the Industrial Revolution.

Episode 6

Coining It

Mark Williams travels to Birmingham to experience what life was like for people working in the gun and jewellery quarters and the Mint during the Industrial Revolution.

Episode 7

The Cutting Edge

Mark Williams finds out how mass-produced high-quality steel and structured transport systems in northern England created a world-renowned industry.

Episode 8

The Iron Horse

Mark Williams investigates how fierce competition among the Welsh iron masters drove the development and installation of the world's first steam locomotive.

Episode 9

Steam on the Water

Mark Williams travels around Scotland on one of the last steam-driven Clyde puffers. He learns about the development of boats during the Industrial Revolution.

Episode 10

Power Mad

History enthusiast Mark Williams looks at how steam engines not only revolutionised, but also broke new ground in engineering and helped solve important social issues.

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