Episode 1

The Sleepover

A man confronts the predator who molested him as a child. As he agonises over the possibility of other victims, he wonders if he could have made a terrible mistake.

Episode 2

The Hit On The Handyman

Police receive a tip that a businesswoman seeks to hire a hitman. As investigators explore her past, they find that this may be just the tip of the iceberg.

Episode 3

Mercenary Rules

Jim approaches police with a tip about a friend's shocking crime only to find himself on a quest to clear his own name. To get to the truth, he must...

Episode 4

No Turning Back

An illicit love triangle ends in murder. When secret tapes emerge, a tale of friendship, love and betrayal engulfs a small Missouri town.

Episode 5

Family Business

Two old friends commiserate about their exes on social media, joking about hiring a hitman. But the jokes turn deadly serious when a murder plot begins to formulate.

Episode 6

Flirting With Murder

A woman suspected of murdering her ex-husband starts flirting with the police officer sent to bring her down. How will this deadly game of cat and mouse end?

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