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About The Show

Documentary following the journey of 11-year-old transgender ‘tween Jazz and her family, as they tell their story and deal with new issues as Jazz reaches puberty.


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Episode 1

All About Jazz

Jazz is the typical 14 year old girl in all ways but one - she was born a boy. Her family accept Jazz as a girl, but her tricky teenage...

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Episode 2

Boys Aren't Nice To Her

When Jazz's friends decide to host a co-ed bowling night, Jazz's insecurities are brought to the surface, worrying boys won't show up because she is transgender.

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Episode 3

High School Is Wild Fire

As Jazz approaches high school she consults a therapist, and she must decide if she wants to play JV soccer, join the Varsity team.

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Episode 4

I Thought it Was a Choice

Griffen and Sander's friend questions whether being transgender is a choice. Plus, Jazz gets a glimpse into what college life has to offer.

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Episode 5

Am I Doing the Right Thing?

As Jazz's book signing approaches, she struggles with the pressure of being a role model and Jeanette worries about her daughter's well-being.

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Episode 6

Happy Mother's Day

As everyone works together on a Mother's Day surprise for Jeanette, Jazz begins to worry that her siblings may think she gets treated like the favorite child.

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Episode 7

I'm Ready to Explore Boys

Jazz wants to explore the dating scene, but is still figuring out her own sexuality- so she attends a transgender support group who share guidance.

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Episode 8

So Dad is Now Mum

Zach surprises Ari with a personal revelation that shocks her and Jazz. Plus, with Ari home for the summer, she encourages Jazz to join her for an open mic night.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

We Don't Read the Comments

Jazz comes across a death threat posted online. Plus, Jeanette examines whether or not the family has acted in Jazz's best interest recently.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Baby Jazz is Growing Up

Jazz throws a middle school graduation party and invites a boy. Plus, amid fears of male puberty setting in, Jazz and her parents visit the doctor.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

The Family Tells All

Jazz and her family sit down for a raw, in depth interview, to discuss early struggles in Jazz's transition, and to reveal how the family responds to critics.