About The Show

Documentary following the journey of 11-year-old transgender ‘tween Jazz and her family, as they tell their story and deal with new issues as Jazz reaches puberty.


Episode 1

How Jazz Got Her Groove Back

After taking a leave of absence from Harvard, Jazz struggles with her mental health and the 100-lb weight gain from her binge eating disorder.

Episode 1

A Night At The Selfie Museum

Jazz comes home from Harvard ready to assert her independence. Jeanette keeps a sharp eye on her daughter as Jazz's mental health goes downhill.

Episode 2

Mommy Dearest

Jazz attempts to assert her freedom after her mum crashes a party. But when her world comes crashing down around her, there's only one person she wants.

Episode 3

Boots Are Made For Walkin'

Following Jazz's meltdown, Jeanette outsources help but gets disturbing feedback. Meanwhile, Jazz goes on her first date in four years.

Episode 4

Clavicles Are The New Black

Jazz rejects Dayron's kiss, sets a date with an older man, and faces the question of whether she's asexual. Plus, Jaclyn and Tyler meet a trans icon.

Episode 5


Jazz and Yash conclude their first date but land on different pages. Jazz hopes attending a queer speed dating event with Jaclyn will lighten the blow.

Episode 6

Back To School

Jazz heads back to Cambridge and comes face-to-face with her newest crush. Then, a death threat complicates a transgender awareness event.

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