Episode 1

What The Toddler Saw

When a young mother is ambushed and shot dead in her driveway, the police's best witness is her toddler son. Can police interpret his cryptic clue?

Episode 2

Hit And Run

Looks prove to be deceiving when a seeming hit and run accident turns out to be a twisted case of murder. Can detectives outwit the suspect's game of hide and...

Episode 3

Stalker Or Lover?

A mobile home is set ablaze to conceal the truth about a murder. Can detective Gary McFadden learn the truth about the victim's mysterious stalker?

Episode 4

A Promise Kept

Investigating a deadly robbery at a fast food joint, Detective McFadden finds the victim was targeted for execution - and uncovers a surprising emotional connection.

Episode 5

The Body In The Rug

Detective McFadden finds that murder may be a family affair, after a body is found wrapped up in a rug in an apartment. But which family member is the killer?

Episode 6

The Long Night

When Detective McFadden agrees to help a witness in one of his cases, he becomes involved in a strange murder investigation - leading to an unexpected killer.

Episode 7

Holy Terror

Homicide Detective Garry McFadden finds himself playing a frustrating cat-and-mouse game with a seemingly religious family of church-goers, pastors and a killer.

Episode 8

Murder Becomes Personal

A case becomes personal for Detective McFadden when a friend becomes a murder victim. It gets doubly so when the killer turns out to be someone close to him.

Episode 10

Two Sides Of Charlotte

Detective McFadden sees the dark side of Charlotte, investigating the murder of an elderly lady robbed and attacked in her home as she returned from church.

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