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Ben and Erin Napier help new people moving to their small town of Laurel, Mississippi, to find a house and revitalise and renovate it into their dream home.


Episode 1

The Heart Of Laurel

Ben and Erin tackle one of their biggest ever projects. They rally the entire community to help a family whose house was destroyed by a tornado.

Episode 2

Wood, Brick And Clay

A young designer in love with mid-century design looks to buy her first home. Ben and Erin present two options that will satisfy her love of natural elements.

Episode 3

New-Stalgic Restoration

Three siblings want a place large enough to accommodate all their families. Ben and Erin present them with a historic Victorian and a country cabin.

Episode 4

The Maui Of Mississippi

A couple who has lived on islands their entire lives are ready to downsize in Laurel. and Erin show them renovation options for two cosy homes.

Episode 5

The Clock Starts Now

A couple looking for a fresh start want to move into a new place before Christmas. Ben and Erin have just five weeks to complete their dream home.

Episode 6


Restoration enthusiasts want to raise their two kids in a historic home in Laurel, and they know they'll need to settle on a fixer-upper.

Episode 7

From Show Goats To Show Stopper

A couple who are Laurel business owners recently purchased a historic building downtown, and they want to convert the upper level into a residence.

Episode 8

Chasing Waterfalls

Ben and Erin show two large houses to a civil engineer who's moving to Laurel to be closer to his dad, both with enough room for an outdoor hot tub.

Episode 9

Rustic Renovation

A couple wants to move back to Laurel. Ben and Erin show them a rancher that fits their love of modern rustic design and a home with an enticing in-ground...

Episode 10

Left-Hand Man

A family moves to Laurel to escape cold Canadian winters. Ben and Erin present a rural bungalow on a huge piece of land and a home with a backyard bonus...

Episode 11


Ben and Erin restore The Old President's House at Jones College. Students, past and present, step in to help make this house feel less institutional and more like a home.

Episode 12

Tickled Pink

An aunt and her great-niece are looking for their mutual dream home, but they don't agree on anything. Ben and Erin have their work cut out for them.

Episode 13

Follow Your Goosebumps

Ben and Erin meet a couple who recently inherited a house next to their current home. They help them decide which house to keep and renovate.

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