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Ben and Erin Napier help new people moving to their small town of Laurel, Mississippi, to find a house and revitalise and renovate it into their dream home.


Episode 1

First Time's The Charm

One of the kids that Ben advised as a youth minister is all grown up and ready to buy his first home. Ben and Erin help him find a modern-style...

Episode 2

Wraparound Porch

In preparation for future grandchildren, a couple look for a big home with a wraparound porch and a shower room. What can Erin and Ben find with a $350,000 budget?

Episode 3

Sweet Tea Dreams

A couple want to turn their sixth-generation farmhouse into an event space. Ben and Erin take on the daunting challenge of renovating this historic property.

Episode 4

The Zen Room

A couple who wants to settle in Laurel and never move again is looking for a home with a zen-style room for relaxation and a porch for entertaining.

Episode 5

Campy Cabin Vibes

A nurse is looking to turn his home in Laurel into a new home base for get togethers. Ben and Erin transform his starter house into a comfortable home.

Episode 6

Architect's Linear Loft

An architect is searching for the perfect combination of work and living space. Ben and Erin show him two buildings with plenty of room and potential.

Episode 7

A House For Mom And Dad

A couple is looking to set her parents and grandmother up with a renovated home in Laurel. Ben and Erin will have to find a property suitable for all three.

Episode 8

The Country House

A couple buy a country retreat for their daughters. Ben and Erin transform their new place into a classic English country house with a kid-friendly design.

Episode 9

Ginkgos And Gondolas

Ben and Erin show a California couple a classic Victorian with an unusual backyard vault and a Prairie-style home known for its Ginkgo tree in the front yard.

Episode 10

The Buzzard's Roost

Ben and Erin face their most ambitious project yet when a young entrepreneur approaches them with a four-bedroom boutique inn in downtown Laurel.

Episode 11

Windy City To City Beautiful

Ben and Erin show two homes to a couple relocating from Chicago. One has something special that they may not be able to resist.

Episode 12

A Solid Foundation

After facing tough times, a family is ready be part of Laurel's vibrant community. Ben and Erin show them two houses in two very different neighbourhoods.

Episode 13

The Family Tree

After a family tragedy strikes, a man re-evaluates his priorities and moves back to Laurel to be closer to loved ones. Ben and Erin find him a fixer upper.

Episode 14

A Colorful Match

Ben and Erin look to incorporate bright colours and maximize space in the first home of two entrepreneurs. But it may also mean a bit of compromise.

Episode 15

The Mullet House

Ben and Erin help a couple who have an opportunity to buy her grandmother's home, but also present them with a place they can truly make their own.

Episode 16

A Drop Of Sunshine

Ben and Erin present a California couple with two new home options. The one they finally choose presents Erin a few design surprises along the way.

Episode 17

Blue Heaven

Ben and Erin help a retired father of six find the perfect place in Laurel. He wants somewhere all his kids can come together for more quality time.

Episode 18

Mississippi Made

Ben and Erin present a woman moving to Laurel with two houses. They're on a mission to bring a little bit of local Mississippi into her home.

Episode 19

What's Good For The Goose

Ben and Erin present a recent graduate with two houses. But she has a surprise requirement that will be a major factor in the home she chooses.

Episode 20

Second Chances

Ben and Erin help a once troubled man who has turned his life around renovate his small guest cottage as a safe haven for those who need it.

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