Introducing: The Discovery x Genshin Impact Collaboration

Two brands with a shared passion have come together to raise awareness for the beautiful world we live in, and our duty to preserve it.

14 March 2024

There are two kinds of worlds to explore: the real, and the virtual

From bringing viewers eye-to-eye with big cats, to the heart-pounding entertainment of ‘Shark Week’; Discovery Channel offers an iconic selection of top-quality cinematography across a variety of genres, all whilst putting our planet earth in all its wonder and glory on full display. On the other hand, Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game developed by HoYoverse, a brand committed to creating immersive virtual experiences for players around the world. Genshin Impact transports its player to Teyvat, a massive, beautiful, virtual world bursting with life, diverse natural and culture landscapes, unique characters, and of course, plenty of mysteries to uncover.

So, where’s the connection between these two brands, you may ask? Discovery and Genshin Impact share a passion; exploring the marvels of nature. As a result of this, these two iconic brands have come together to create the “Discovery × Genshin Impact” Collaboration, a series of online and offline activities to raise environmental awareness whilst highlighting the delicate, endangered habitats on our earth.

The collaboration of the two diverse, well-respected brands will allow the message to spread across a new audience, merging the fanbase of planet earth explorations, with those who explore Teyvat. One of the ways in which fans can join in is by logging on and embarking on the brand new “Teyvat Nature Discovery Tour”. Here, Genshin Impact has released a new animation of the in-game character “Kaveh” as the dedicated spokesperson for the tour. This uplifting, adventure-packed approach blends the real and virtual world, and ultimately encourages the fans of both Discovery Channel and Genshin Impact to come together and reflect on how they themselves can contribute to preserving our beautiful world.

For those who prefer a cinematic experience, Genshin Impact and Discovery have also collaborated to create a mini-documentary, Voices of Nature. Directed by Jay Park, this short film completely avoids lecturing or guilt-shaming the audience. Instead, it highlights the vast amounts of fragile, natural habitats and enthralls the watcher by showcasing the wonders and value of nature that is often overlooked. It ends with informative facts about pollution and damage to nature to reinforce the underlying point, and to inspire the audience to reflect on what they can do to help change these detrimental statistics. The producers were joined by a powerful team of famous actors, explorers and survivalists to listen out for, such as Kit Harington (Game of Thrones) as the voice of The Ocean, Ed Stafford (Naked and Afraid) as The Desert, Lily Cole (St. Trinian’s) as The Coral Reef. The film will be accompanied by an educational web event, where those interested can expand their knowledge on environmental issues.

Finally, there are the Discovery x Genshin Impact offline events held in France, Germany, Italy, Korea, and the UK. In these friendly pop-up stores, fans are invited to buy Genshin Impact merchandise ! The proceeds from each sale are donated to Cool Earth, an organisation that works with indigenous people to protect ancient rainforests.

Through immersive virtual tours, inspiring cinematic experiences, and in-person pop-ups, the collaboration between Genshin Impact and Discovery has covered all grounds to highlight the importance of cherishing the world we live in, as well as caring for and preserving fragile habitats.

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