About The Show

The shocking world of compulsive hoarding. With the help of expert therapists and organisers, hoarders will attempt to unlock the key to their compulsion and restore normality in their lives.


Episode 1

Losing Half Myself

Phyllis and Patty aren't just identical twins, they're identical hoarders. After losing one house due to their hoarding, can they save their current home?

Episode 2

Leading a Double Life

What's it like to live next to a hoarder? Lalie suffers from a mice infestation because her neighbour has secretly acquired one of the shows biggest hoards.

Episode 3

Somewhere in My Pile

Beverly's clutter has filled every inch of her home and her dogs have made part of the house unlivable. Now she must clear her hoard, or risk losing it all.

Episode 4

Waste Not, Want Not

Terry and Bill seem to be a perfect couple, but Terry's hoarding has put their relationship in jeopardy. Can she clear her home before her husband walks out?

Episode 5

Full of Rats

Meet Michelle who lives in a house with a rat infestation so bad that it has compromised the building's foundations. Can this hoarder be helped before it's too late?

Episode 6

The Last Clear Spot

Meet Jessica and her mum Dale who have filled their entire home with junk. The situation could be deadly due to Jessica being a little person.

Episode 7

You Are Gonna Die in Here

Wayne's life changed when he was the target of a school shooting. Now paralyzed by PTSD and compulsive hoarding, his family fears for his well-being.

Episode 8

My Teeth Are Lost in the Pile

Kyle and Lynn's relationship suffered due to Lynn's hoarding, which now has them on the verge of losing their home. Can they clean up the mess?

Episode 9

It's a Horror Story

Meet Frank and his partner Susan. Her house of 48 years sits condemned due to the massive hoard inside, will she repeat this feat when she moves in with Frank?

Episode 10

Running Out of Time

Meet Geoffrey who has already lost his home due to his hoarding habit. Now, he has just 30 days to clear the clutter from the home or he will lose...

Episode 11

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Ken's world revolves around Lauren. But his hoarding has taken its toll on their relationship and she's giving him one last chance to clear out.

Episode 12

A VCR for Every Day of the Week

Father and son, John and Joe, both hoard. While John faces jail for his compulsions, Joe could lose his newborn son to child protective services.

Episode 13

The Stench Is Amazing

Twin brothers Lorrin and Orin are a landlord's nightmare due to their hoarding. If their compulsion can't be curbed, they'll end up out on the street.

Episode 14

Three Apartments, Three Hoarders

Three hoarders live in the same apartment complex. Their hoarding has gone unchecked for years, but a new management is about to change everything.

Episode 15

It's a Rat's Nest

If Doug doesn't get a handle on his extreme compulsion to collect things within the month, he stands to lose two houses that he has filled with clutter.

Episode 16

The Donald Trump of Hoarding

Mike is about to have surgery that could save his life, but the biohazards inside his filthy home put his recovery at risk. Can he clean it in time?

Episode 17

Worse Than a Haunted House

One mother's battle with hoarding is overshadowed by the discovery of her own daughter's compulsion to hold on to things. Can they be helped?

Episode 18

A Graveyard of Junk

If Seymour can't conquer his roach infestation and clear out the hoard in his house, the city will condemn the home and leave him homeless.

Episode 19

Where Are They Now?

Revisit three extreme hoarders Randy, Laura and Chip. For some, their progress is inspiring while for others, their relapses have again put them in dire straits.

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