About The Show

California builder and designer Jasmine Roth transforms builder-basic houses into custom dream homes by giving them features that stand out from the crowd.


Episode 1

Family Space And Storage

A family asks Jasmine for help with giving their cookie-cutter track home some personality. She creates great storage options and upgrades the kitchen.

Episode 2

Slice Of Heaven

Jasmine transforms a couple's traditional house into their dream home with a mid-century modern renovation. The design includes a pool and backyard oasis.

Episode 3

A House For The Girl Gang

A woman and her daughter want to update their new home. Jasmine adds edible landscaping and creates a baker's paradise kitchen.

Episode 4

Fence Bench

Jasmine helps a young family update the unappealing pink exterior and impractical interior of their dated home. She also builds a stunning new bathroom.

Episode 5

Welcome Home

Jasmine opens up the floor plan of a compartmentalised Huntington Beach home. She also builds a cosy outdoor seating area with a whimsical treehouse.

Episode 6

This One's A Home Run

A couple is moving to be closer to their grown children and grandchildren. Jasmine creates an open-concept plan with a giant kitchen island.

Episode 7

Beige To Beautiful

A young family's home is overrun with toys and disconnected by compartmentalised rooms. Jasmine creates a modern Scandinavian design with custom features.

Episode 8

You Guys Need A Retreat

Jasmine upgrades a home for a couple with two kids. They will now have more room for family functions and an end-of-day retreat for mum.

Episode 9

A Puppy Palace

A couple want to update their forever home. With a budget of $160,000, Jasmine transforms the property's exterior and builds a palace for the dog.

Episode 10

It's My Dream Home Now

A family have been planning to remodel their home for 10 years. Jasmine renovates the kitchen with a dream coffee bar and bookcases.

Episode 11

The Original Cookie Cutter House

Jasmine transforms a beloved family bungalow to give it more space and character. She updates the kitchen and adds more custom storage.

Episode 12

Story Book Home No More

A mother and her two daughters are unhappy with the layout of their home. Jasmine opens up the living space by creating a new kitchen and dining room.

Episode 13

Super Beachy

A couple love hosting family and friends, but their home is rundown and lacks style. Jasmine updates the exterior by adding a new patio with a beach design.

Episode 14

Respect The Tiki

A couple have tried to give their home a tiki look, but it desperately needs some professional help. Jasmine creates a modern kitchen and reworks the exterior.

Episode 15

The Prettiest House on the Block

A couple don't know where to begin with renovations on their home. Jasmine steps in to update the exterior with new paint and custom decorative panels.

Episode 16

Sunset Sitting Area

An active couple feel their home lacks the style and layout they desire. Jasmine opens up the kitchen and creates a custom cat wall.

Episode 17

I Can't Believe It's Our House

Empty nesters are finally ready to renovate their home. Jasmine Roth revives the exterior with cedar shakes and an updated door.

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