About The Show

Christina Oliva has built her hair extension empire from the ground up and is taking her business to the next level – with a salon in Manhattan.


Episode 1

Staten Island Goddess Of Extensions

Hair extensions queen, Christina Oliva, opens a salon in glam Manhattan. But business is slow and one of her staff may be up to no good.

Episode 2

Failure To Launch

The team prepares for an NYC launch party, but will a setback end the party before it starts? Meanwhile, Christina gives a client with thinning hair a fresh start.

Episode 3

Sister Showdown

The launch party is at risk when a protest closes the streets, and Jenn secures a big opportunity for Christina - but the two sisters clash over salon business.

Episode 4

Righting Wrongs And Wronging Rights

Christina talks to Jenn about her place at the salon and Victoria makes a huge mistake. Plus, identical twins get very different hair makeovers!

Episode 5

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Weave

Christina makes a 100-ft-long extension for a photoshoot and Victoria tries to win back her trust. A psychic predicts the salon's future!

Episode 6

Where Do We Go From Hair?

Business in NYC picks up so Christina tests Victoria to decide her future at the salon. And a transgender client gets a life-changing hair transformation.

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