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Next Up

Friday 19th July at 9:00 pm

Discovery Channel

About The Show

Using highly advanced colourisation techniques, critical moments from World War II, from Stalingrad to The Battle of Britain, are shown in a whole new light.


Coming Soon

Episode 1


The Lightning War was one of the most extraordinary events of the Second World War. Now, expertly restored footage from around the world shows the story in a new light.

9:00 pm

19 Jul

Discovery Channel

Episode 2

Battle Of Britain

In 1940, France has fallen and Hitler orders Operation Sealion: the invasion of Great Britain. Rare, expertly-restored footage tells the story in a new light.

9:00 pm

26 Jul

Discovery Channel

Episode 3

Pearl Harbor

Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor was one of the greatest gambles in military history. Rare, expertly-restored footage recounts the extraordinary event.

9:00 pm

2 Aug

Discovery Channel

Episode 4

Battle Of Midway

A Japanese attack on the US-held Pacific island of Midway triggers an extraordinary chain of events. Expertly-restored colour footage retells the dramatic story.

9:00 pm

9 Aug

Discovery Channel

Episode 5

Siege Of Stalingrad

The battle of Stalingrad was one of the bloodiest of the entire war and turned the tide for the Germans. Colourised footage retells the dramatic story.