Episode 1

The Woman In The Woods

In 1987, seven mummified female bodies are found in the Molalla forest. Detectives struggle to find a lead until another case reveals similar characteristics.

Episode 2

In The Shadow Of The Steeple

In 2001, Tracey Bagwell is found stabbed to death in her car in a church parking lot. Police soon discover that Tracey knew a secret worth killing for.

Episode 3

The Manner Of Murder

Everyone in town adores Sara Dixon, and police are baffled when they find her shot dead in her sleep. Their only clue is a strand of Christmas tinsel.

Episode 4

Beneath The Stairs

In 1999, the discovery of a decomposed and mummified body in a barrel horrifies a new home owner. Police are shocked to discover the victim was heavily pregnant.

Episode 5

Proof Of Life

Suspicions are raised when, after eight months, Dwight Tobyne's daughter finally reports him missing to the police. Is Dwight simply on the run, or was he murdered?

Episode 6

First Comes Love

In Kalispell, Montana, a young newlywed goes missing after a heated argument with his wife. Police are stumped until a mysterious email yields an important clue.

Episode 7

The Last Time They Saw Her

A troubled young mother's body is discovered at a busy truck stop. With a contaminated crime scene and dozens of suspects, can police find the murderer?

Episode 8

Baptism By Fire

In the debris of a church fire, detectives think they find the decapitated body of a beloved pastor. When a friend also vanishes, is he the killer, or a victim?

Episode 9

Her Mother's Prayers

A mother is terrified to discover her 9-year-old daughter, Marcia Trimple, has vanished in broad daylight. It'll take 30 years for police to uncover the truth.

Episode 10

The Secret Code

When Hal Carboneau's body is found, a single footprint is all that's left behind. Police question his ex-wife but focus shifts when two more homicides are uncovered.

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