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Coming Soon

Episode 1

Beyond The Grave

Wife and mum Sandra Duyst appears to have it all, but she battles with depression. Her death seems to be a suicide - until a message comes from beyond the...

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Bottom Of The Stairs

When detectives arrive at the Fitzhugh home for a fatal fall, the coroner notices suspicious wounds. Now the death is treated as a murder - who is responsible?

Coming Soon

Episode 3

What My Mother Knew

Brilliant cellist, devoted mother, and ... missing woman. One evening, Janine Sutphen vanishes and is never heard from again. Did she leave on her own accord?

Coming Soon

Episode 4

The Signs On Their Bodies

In 1987, the mutilated bodies of women appear around Delaware - the work of the state's first serial killer. The hunt for him leads down a dark road.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Secret Vows

When 19-year-old Devon Guzman is found dead in her car, it shocks her community. But detectives discover Devon's love life was a time bomb of jealousy and betrayal.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Ten Weeks Later

Detectives are shocked when it takes ten weeks for anyone to report Jamie Laiaddee missing. But they soon uncover dark secrets that Jamie kept from almost everyone

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Secrets Of The Desert

When Shauna Tiaffay is found brutally murdered, her husband George is the prime suspect. He has an alibi, but a secret shatters this seemingly perfect family.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Her Mother's Secrets

In 2004 Loretta Bowersock disappears during a day of shopping. Investigators struggle to identify a suspect until they learn Loretta's shocking secret.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

A Curve In The Road

Wendy Kratzert's van initially appears to have skidded off the road - but on closer inspection police conclude that this is no accident, but homicide.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

The Last Call She Made

When teen Melissa Wells is stabbed to death few can imagine why she was a target. But a friend reveals Melissa was keeping a deadly secret from her family.