About The Show

Mina Starsiak Hawk takes on her biggest and riskiest renovation. She transforms an 1800s Victorian home in Fountain Square into a bed and breakfast.


Episode 1

Mina's Pricey Passion Project

Mina takes on her dream project, a historic Victorian home and carriage house. Can she overcome the unexpected price tag of her biggest project yet?

Episode 2

Sanders Is Off the Rails

Mina plans to turn a Victorian home into a bed and breakfast. But after hitting a critical snag, she makes a decision that could derail the entire project.

Episode 3


The carriage house portion of Mina's project is almost complete. However, it could take an unthinkable personal sacrifice for her to afford the rest of the project.

Episode 4

The Stakes Just Got Real

Mina books her first wedding but the pressure is on when the bride throws her a scheduling curveball. Plus, Mina stretches her already thin budget.

Episode 5

Can Mina Pull This Off

With just eight weeks left before the first wedding, Mina is feeling the pressure. And when a major disaster strikes, the project could be in total jeopardy.

Episode 6

Race to the Perfect Wedding

With just four weeks left, Mina races to complete her Victorian project. But severe weather could derail Mina's plans for a perfect outdoor wedding.

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