Episode 1

The Race Starts Now

Tony Beets gambles millions to overhaul his operation. Rick Ness needs a wash plant that matches his big ambitions, while Dave Turin hunts for new ground.

Episode 2

Bigger Is Better

Tony Beets battles the Klondike winter to secure a monster excavator. As the competition for ground heats up, Fred Lewis searches for the motherlode in Nevada.

Episode 3

Force Of Nature

Rick resurrects Monster Red to capture nuggets with help from Freddy Dodge and Tony builds a huge excavator. Dustin returns to Haines after a devastating landslide.

Episode 4

Gold Moves

Tony sets his sights on a $3.5-million monster dozer. Dave hunts for a claim with his new Mad Max prospecting machine. Rick tests a pioneering drilling method.

Episode 5

The Klondike Beast

Tony fights the Yukon winter to build a monster dozer. Fred prospects a claim that may be too good to be true and Dustin tries to reach his remote mountain...

Episode 6


Dave prospects a claim in Idaho but is in for a surprise. Fred explores an underground river in search of gold, while Dustin and Carlos battle deep snow and brutal...

Episode 7

A Hole Lotta Trouble

Dave Turin is on the trail of a huge honey hole in Idaho. Meanwhile, Fred Lewis fights through a snowstorm to prospect a missed opportunity.

Episode 8

Into The Breach

Tony finally learns the fate of his Indian River claims. Fred is shocked by what he finds on virgin ground. Rick gets a jump on the season with a huge...

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