The Best Known Waterfalls in Kenya

Plummeting torrents and thrilling plunges are the order of the day as we reveal the best waterfalls in Kenya. Read on to discover the very best Kenyan waterfalls.

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1 June 2023

From the breath-taking expanse of the Great Rift Valley to the country’s wild savannahs, Kenya boasts an awe-inspiring pageantry of natural marvels. Among its most mesmerising sights are its formidable waterfalls – colossal spectacles of untamed power that plunge, like molten silver, from towering mountain crags and spectacular hidden heights.

Roaring with the primal force of nature, the astonishing waterfalls of Kenya stand as pulsating powerhouses, testaments to the unyielding might of water’s eternal dance with gravity. Be prepared to embark on a journey of discovery, into the thunderous heart of Kenya’s hydraulic majesty.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most captivating Kenyan waterfalls, starting with the tallest waterfall in Kenya.

Karuru Falls: The Tallest Waterfall in Kenya

Karuru Falls, Aberdare National Park, Kenya (Credit: Elsen Karstad via Getty Images)

Many of Kenya’s best waterfalls are found in the Aberdare Mountains, and specifically in Aberdare National Park. Among these is the tallest waterfall in Kenya, Karuru Falls. This magnificent cataract thunders down from a majestic height of some 896 feet, divided into three tiers of 384, 85, and 427 feet respectively. All around it is riotous greenery, only further elevating the beauty of this powerful giant.

Nyahururu Falls

Nyahururu Falls in Kenya. (Credit: Bas Vermolen via Getty Images)

A stone’s throw away from the town that shares its name, Nyahururu Falls makes its dramatic sheer plunge of almost 245 feet. It occurs where the River Ewaso Ng’iro tumbles into a vast gorge, its descent framed by verdant greenery. One of the best known waterfalls in Kenya, it also goes by Thomson’s Falls or T Falls, a name given to it by the first European explorer to encounter it.

Sheldrick Falls

Sheldrick Falls, Kenya (Credit: Muhammad Kanji via Getty Images)

Of all the waterfalls in Kenya, Sheldrick Falls’ location in Shimba Hills National Park within Kwale County sets it apart. Indeed, it’s said to be the country’s sole coastal cascade. Amidst one of East Africa’s largest coastal forests, it flows down 80 feet, forming a shimmering veil against the rugged cliff face. Named in honour of Major David Leslie William Sheldrick, its magnificence is a sight to behold.

Chania Falls

Chania Falls, Kenya (Credit: FernandoQuevedo via Getty Images)

Just beyond the bounds of Aberdare National Park, the bustling town of Thika houses the spectacular Chania Waterfall. This vibrant member of Kenya’s waterfalls makes a grand appearance at the confluence of the Chania and Thika Rivers, its glistening sprays and multiple showers evoking the image of a fireworks display.

Ngare Ndare Waterfall

Ngare Ndare waterfalls, Kenya (Credit: Wirestock via Getty Images)

In the northern foothills of Mount Kenya, the serene Ngare Ndare Forest cradles an array of beautiful pools and waterfalls, known for their tranquil beauty. Among them, Ngare Ndare Waterfalls stands tall at 30 feet.

Making’eny Cave Waterfall

Movement of water on the rocks (Credit: Stefano Madrigali via Getty Images)

At the heart of Mount Elgon National Park, a unique spectacle unfolds where cascades and caves unite. Here, a mesmerising waterfall arcs over the mouth of Making’eny Cave, creating an awe-inspiring tableau that ranks among the most unique waterfalls in Kenya.

Karura Falls

Karura Falls, Kenya (Photo by: Martin Zwick/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

In the heart of the urban jungle, a tranquil oasis awaits. Just miles from the bustling centre of Nairobi, the cascading Karura Falls, concealed within its namesake forest, offers a glimpse into a fairy tale realm where waters babble and tumble over a series of rocky steps.

Waterfalls of Kenya

A waterfall in Lake Nakuru, Kenya (Credit: Ibrahim Suha Derbent via Getty Images)

While the Aberdares undoubtedly serve as a grand stage for many of Kenya’s best waterfalls, they aren’t the sole proprietors of this natural spectacle. The whole country echoes with the symphony of cascading waters, each location offering its unique interpretation of nature’s melody. So wherever you find yourself in this enchanting land, a Kenyan waterfall isn’t far away, waiting to be discovered.


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