About The Show

Is the greatest treasure hunt in American history at Victorio Peak a long-running con – or a vast government conspiracy to strip one family of their rightful claim?


Episode 1

David vs Goliath

Doc and Babe discover the greatest treasure in American history, but an accident sets the stage for a mystery that will go unsolved for decades.

Episode 2

Where Gold Goes, Blood Flows

Doc and Babe deal with the fallout of the mine collapse. Alex and Gene make the biggest discovery since the collapse of Doc's mine.

Episode 3

Truth And Consequences

Babe begins the battle against the government. Meanwhile, a myriad of other parties join the race for the treasure.

Episode 4


The Watergate hearings makes the story of the Victorio Peak treasure headline news. The Noss family defends their claim against hundreds looking for gold.

Episode 5

The Monster

Terry takes over the family's mission and makes a breakthrough with the military. Alex tries an ambitious new engineering project to find the $28 billion treasure.

Episode 6

Orgy Of Evidence

Terry reveals his secret meetings with high-ranking officials and an explosive interview with a White Sands soldier that exposes the government's involvement.

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