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1st February


About The Show

One of the most passionate paranormal teams in America, the Tennessee Wraith Chasers, are in Missouri to investigate a haunted and abandoned asylum.


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Episode 1

Peoria State Hospital

The Tennessee Wraith Chasers explore the Peoria State Hospital, where over 10,000 people died, and race to reach the spirits before the building is demolished.

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Episode 2

U.S.S. Edson

The TWC board the USS Edson, a haunted battleship that served in the Vietnam War. Their goal is to free the spirits trapped aboard - including a disturbed poltergeist.

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Episode 3

Missouri State Penitentiary

The TWC visit one of the oldest prisons in the Midwest, seeking to banish the spirits of two sinister child killers infesting its ghostly cellblocks.

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Episode 4

Old South Pittsburg Hospital

The TWC return to the site of their first paranormal investigation, where they hope to uncover the true identity of a menacing shadow figure.

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Episode 5

Castillo De San Marcos

The TWC are in Florida at one of the most haunted forts in the US, where they attempt to make contact with the disembodied head of a Seminole Indian Chief.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Pauly Jail

The TWC investigate infamous Pauly Jail. Built in the 1800s, it has a history of racial prejudice and unauthorized executions, including a prisoner who was burned alive.

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Episode 7

Preston Castle

The TWC journey to California's first boys' reformatory school, to find answers to two of its most mysterious and brutal deaths - of a beloved housekeeper and a teacher.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Coco Palms Resort

The TWC go to Kauai to investigate the abandoned Coco Palms Resort, built atop sacred land that ancient spirits have roamed for centuries.