Episode 1

Hijack on Flight 73

Mick Thexton was on Pan Am Flight 103 when it was hijacked by Palestinian terrorists. Having spent 12 hours with a gun to his head, how did he get out...

Episode 2

Quecreek Mine Disaster

When a Quecreek mine wall collapsed, it filled with 90 million gallons of water and trapped nine of the miners. How did they survive long enough to be found?

Episode 3

Somali Pirate Attack

When Mike Kelly and Carl Mason's ship came under siege from drug-crazed Somali pirates, they attempted to fight back, but their strategy went horribly wrong.

Episode 4

Alabama Prison Riot

Prison Officer Byron Sanders stared death in the face when he was taken hostage by Cuban inmates at FCI Talledega in Alabama. How did he escape alive?

Episode 5

Utah Library Shootout

Paranoid schizophrenic, Clifford Lynn Draper, takes ten hostages at the Salt Lake City Public Library, threatening to kill everyone. How did they escape alive?

Episode 6

Get Out Alive

A company fishing trip becomes a nightmare when Texas oil worker Jerel Shaffer is abducted at gunpoint by the notorious FARC guerrillas. How did he get out alive?

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