Episode 1

Sharks from the Beach - Namibia

Henry undertakes one of the world's greatest angling adventures as he fishes for huge bronze whaler sharks off the desolate Skelton Coast in Namibia.

Episode 2

River Severn Cod

Henry tracks down the English sea angler's favourite quarry as we follow his adventures in the Bristol Channel in pursuit of cod.

Episode 3

Island Adventure

Henry visits a remote area near the Scilly Isles, 28 miles from Penzance, where he has the opportunity to fish an area unexplored by rod and line.

Episode 4

Jersey Bass

Continuing his challenging series, Henry Gilbey visits Jersey's south-east coast in search of the lighting-quick bass that inhabit these waters.

Episode 5

Fly Fishing

This week, Henry fishes for pike and carp on the fly to determine just how viable is this increasingly-popular diversification from the usual methods.

Episode 6

Plymouth, Rivers & Reefs

A young skipper takes Henry Gilbey out from Plymouth to sample some of the finest light-tackle wreck fishing available in this week's adventure.

Episode 7

Irish Rock Fishing

Henry Gilbey challenges our perceptions of fishing, trying his hand at open coast rock fishing on the rugged and stunning south west Irish sea line.

Episode 8

Fishing Without Bait

Today, Henry Gilbey examines the artificial lures and flies that anglers use to a catch a wide variety of sea fish, as well as various coarse species.

Episode 9

Boats, Bream, Tope & Wrasse

Henry Gilbey challenges our preconceptions, from astounding angling locations to fishing from a charter boat for tope, black bream and bull-huss.

Episode 10

Cornish Rays

An ambitions Henry Gilbey shows us alternative methods of fishing, as he follows the Cornish Coast in search of large rays, tope and conger.

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