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In a factory in Alaska, a haul of 90,000lbs of halibut is about to arrive and has to be processed in record time. Can the workers keep to this tight schedule?


Episode 1

The Auction Block: Alaskan Halibut

In a factory in Alaska, a haul of 90,000lbs of halibut is set to arrive. It must be processed in record time and driven 300 miles to the airport.

Episode 2

Terex: The Mammoth Dump Truck

In a Scottish factory, workers battle to build six huge dump trucks. With jobs and reputations at stake, the first truck is due in just 15 days.

Episode 3

Forgemasters Steel

Sheffield Forgemasters must make 16 giant oil rig anchors in two months or an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico could get blown away by a hurricane.

Episode 4


JCB must supply the US military with 20 excavators by the end of the month. But with parts going missing and competitors stealing resources, can they meet the deadline?

Episode 5

Ponsse: The Elephant King

A Finnish forest machinery factory has three days to build the world's biggest lumber trailer. With parts missing, workers are pushed to their limits.

Episode 6

ROVs: Oceaneering For Oil

A factory in Louisiana has just three days to ship two high-spec mini-submarines to an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. The 50-man crew is close to mutiny.

Episode 7

Nevz Trains

The biggest train factory in Russia has three days to shift a locomotive off the production line. Can they fix all the problems in time for the Prime Minister's visit?

Episode 8

Powerless Nuclear Station in Alabama

In Alabama, tornados have left a nuclear power station without power. Now the race is on to fix the problem and prevent further calamity.

Episode 9

Texas Armored Cars

TAC in San Antonio must bullet proof a stretch-SUV on an impossible deadline. If they don't meet the deadline, they'll lose a multi-million dollar contract.

Episode 10

Custom-Built Pierce Fire Trucks

Pierce Manufacturing must supply the Fire Department with a brand-new truck in record time. Will their chance of meeting the deadline go up in smoke?

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