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28th July


About The Show

Josh Gates puts together a top team of experts to undertake expeditions into unexplained mysteries. They venture round the world in their quest for the truth.


Episode 1

Death Island

Josh Gates sends the team to reportedly the most haunted place in America: Mackinac Island. This remote island has experienced over 1,000 years of bloodshed.

Episode 2

Secrets Of Mackinac

Jess and Phil are joined by The Ghost Brothers as they continue to investigate Mackinac Island's mysteries. They explore a lighthouse with a dark past.

Episode 3

Niagara Nightmare

Jess and Phil dive into the mysteries of Niagara Falls and its history of violent deaths. They investigate reports of disturbing paranormal activity.

Episode 4

Witches Of Mexico

Phil and Jess travel to Monterrey, Mexico, where locals have encountered witches and black magic. They discover dark spells, blood rituals and animal sacrifice.

Episode 5

Beast Of The Bayou

A murderous monster is said to lurk in the swamplands near New Orleans. Phil and Jess investigate the bloodthirsty beast that terrorises the Bayou.

Episode 6

Ghost Town

Phil and Jess investigate an abandoned gold mining town. Traveling deep inside the town's deserted mines, they uncover the town's blood-soaked secrets.

Episode 7

Skinwalker Valley

Phil and Jess investigate Utah's Uintah Basin, a region teeming with paranormal activity - including cattle mutilations and reports of shape-shifting creatures.

Episode 8

Valley Of UFOs

Phil and Jess continue their investigation into Utah's Uintah Basin, where reports of UFO encounters have terrified locals. The team uncovers stunning new evidence.

Episode 9

Hellfire Club

Phil and Jess travel to Ireland and the UK to investigate a centuries-old secret society whose members were known to practice satanic worship and ritual sacrifice.

Episode 10

Beasts Of Britain

In England, Jess and Phil search for a legendary beast that's said to stalk the wilderness. After an encounter, they realise the creature is more than a myth.

Episode 11

Transylvanian Terror

The team explore a haunted forest near the site of the Dracula legend. During a night investigation, Jess is watched by someone or something sinister.

Episode 12

Ghosts of Eloise Asylum P1

Phil and Jess join Josh Gates at a decaying mental hospital in Detroit. They investigate the reported spirits that threaten those who dare to enter.

Episode 13

Ghosts of Eloise Asylum P2

After capturing an unknown entity on film, Josh Gates and his team attempt to communicate with the ghost of a 10-year-old girl that haunts the asylum.

Episode 14

Killer Sasquatch

The team heads to Alaska, America's Last Frontier, to investigate reports of a murderous sasquatch. Phil and Jess have a close encounter with "The Hairy Man'."

Episode 15

Nuclear UFOs

In the aftermath of Japan's 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, citizens began reporting UFOs. Phil and Jess enter a radioactive wasteland to discover the truth.

Episode 16

Ghost Of WW2

The team journeys to Okinawa, Japan to investigate reports of possessions by the spirits of people who died in the bloody battles of World War II.

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