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1st July


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Josh Gates puts together a top team of experts to undertake expeditions into unexplained mysteries. They venture round the world in their quest for the truth.


Jul 1



Episode 5

Graveyard Of The Great Lakes

Treacherous Lake Superior has claimed thousands of lives. Phil and Jess dive into an investigation to uncover the alleged paranormal activity.

Jul 8



Episode 6

The Ozark Howler

Jess and Phil venture deep into the Ozarks to investigate a mysterious predatory beast. New recordings of chilling howls lead to a shocking revelation.

Episode 1

Terror In Appalachia

Phil and Jess venture into the Great Smoky Mountains to investigate missing hiker reports and sightings of grotesque human-like creatures.

Episode 2

The Van Meter Monster

Horrified locals in Iowa are reporting sightings of a giant winged creature - the same mysterious beast that terrorized the town of Van Meter 100 years ago.

Episode 3

Ghost Fort Of The Civil War

Phil and Jess gain unprecedented access to investigate ghostly voices and apparitions in Fort Morgan, a massive Civil War stronghold.

Episode 4

Civil War Ghosts In The Bay

Jess and Phil dive deeper into the tragic history of Fort Morgan. Amy Bruni and Adam Berry join them for the investigation.

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