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Josh Gates puts together a top team of experts to undertake expeditions into unexplained mysteries. They venture round the world in their quest for the truth.


Episode 1

Terror In Appalachia

Phil and Jess venture into the Great Smoky Mountains to investigate missing hiker reports and sightings of grotesque human-like creatures.

Episode 2

The Van Meter Monster

Horrified locals in Iowa are reporting sightings of a giant winged creature - the same mysterious beast that terrorized the town of Van Meter 100 years ago.

Episode 3

Ghost Fort Of The Civil War

Phil and Jess gain unprecedented access to investigate ghostly voices and apparitions in Fort Morgan, a massive Civil War stronghold.

Episode 4

Civil War Ghosts In The Bay

Jess and Phil dive deeper into the tragic history of Fort Morgan. Amy Bruni and Adam Berry join them for the investigation.

Episode 5

Graveyard Of The Great Lakes

Treacherous Lake Superior has claimed thousands of lives. Phil and Jess dive into an investigation to uncover the alleged paranormal activity.

Episode 6

The Ozark Howler

Jess and Phil venture deep into the Ozarks to investigate a mysterious predatory beast. New recordings of chilling howls lead to a shocking revelation.

Episode 7

Alaskan Lake Monster

Phil and Jess search whitewater rapids and a frigid Alaskan lake for a legendary beast that's now the target of serious scientific inquiry.

Episode 8

Avalanche Ghost Train

At the site of America's deadliest avalanche, witnesses report bizarre apparitions and feelings of dread. Phil and Jess test a mind-bending scientific theory.

Episode 9

Mexico's Haunted Cenotes

Phil and Jess investigate caverns believed to be portals to the Maya underworld. The sacred cenotes supposedly hide secrets far darker than any legend.

Episode 10

Ring Of Fire UFOs

Phil and Jess probe the science behind geology's strangest phenomena while investigating mysterious objects flying around Mexico's tallest active volcano.

Episode 11

Monster Of The Amazon

Deep in the Peruvian jungle, a supersized beast is terrifying locals. Jess hunts for evidence that a legendary creature known as Yacumama is on the prowl.

Episode 12

The Beast Of Andros Island

The team probe reports of a sea monster said to be attacking Bahamian locals. Their hunt, deep into "blue holes" could expose shocking military secrets.

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