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28th January



Jan 28



Episode 4

Terror Of The Bell Witch

The team investigates one of America's oldest witch stories. In the backwoods of Tennessee, locals report being attacked in a vast cave system.

Feb 4



Episode 5

Devil In The Forest

The team head to the woods of southern New Jersey to hunt for the infamous Jersey Devil, reported to have terrorised locals for more than 300 years.

Episode 1

Round-Up At Death Ranch

The team investigate bizarre cattle mutilations. The baffling deaths make Jessica and Phil question if the cattle were victims of newly arrived predators.

Episode 2

Curse Of The Old West Outlaw

The team investigate America's most haunted town. Locals claim the spirit of a notorious bandit spooks the town because of a wrongful hanging.

Episode 3

Ghosts In The Swamp

The team investigate a Texas swamp. The area is filled with snakes but what frightens Phil and Jess are mysterious lights that have haunted locals for decades.

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