About The Show

When Sueanne Hobson weds a widower with a son, life seems perfect. But her relationship with her stepson is in such turmoil that she decides to make him disappear forever.


Episode 1

Blinded From The Truth

Debra Hartmann craved a life of luxury and seemed to have it all - fur coats, fancy car, and a boyfriend. But one thing was standing in her way -...

Episode 2

Caught in Her Crosshairs

After a string of failed relationships, Veronica thinks single dad, Russ, is perfect. But daughter, Kimberly, and the growing family vex this stepmother.

Episode 3

Nanny Nightmare

Donna is beautiful and maternal - just what Dennis Yaklich needs as a single dad. But soon his four kids see her dark side, from bullying them to stealing money.

Episode 4

A Murder You Can't Ignore

Newly-single Colleen Batten struggles after the death of her husband, until she meets old flame, Bob Harris. His kids soon discover how evil she can be.

Episode 5

She Can't Hide

Beautiful Elisa Redelsberger seems eager to start a new life when she meets soft-hearted lawyer, Larry McNabney. But then she pulls off the ultimate disappearing act.

Episode 6

The Price Of Greed

Betty Lou Lazarra's beauty gave her an advantage in life. But when this single mom meets wealthy businessman, Al Haber, she won't rest on her looks alone.