About The Show

Denver’s most passionate and persevering veterinarian is back – flip flops, long hair, tattoos and all – to tackle high-stress situations at his vet clinic Planned Pethood Plus.


Episode 1

At Home With Wolves

Dr. Jeff treats a puppy suffering from a deadly virus. And, he must gain the trust of rescued wolves to help an ailing member of the pack.

Episode 2

A Brave Little Dog

Dr. Jeff treats a dog with a mysterious injury, while a neglected turtle needs a new home. Plus, the team falls in love with a litter of stray kittens.

Episode 3

Blown Away

Dr. Jeff and his team help a dog lost during a windstorm. Dr. Baier treats a small bird with a big personality. Susan rescues an abandoned paralysed dog.

Episode 4

A Lucky Break

Dr. Jeff helps a dog with a serious illness. Mel and her daughter rescue a baby squirrel, while Dr. Jeff and Dr. Petra team up to save a beloved cat...

Episode 5

Runaway Dog

Dr. Jeff treats a skittish Savannah cat with an unusual condition. And, the team races to save a stray dog as it runs toward the freeway.

Episode 6

A Tiger's Tale

The team cares for abandoned kittens. Plus, Dr. Jeff gives hope to a concerned owner when their beloved dog is diagnosed with cancer and a rescue tiger finds love.

Episode 7

Tiny Soul Mate

Dr. Jeff helps 40 miniature Australian shepherds rescued from a puppy mill. And, vet technician Christine needs Dr. Jeff's help when her chihuahua struggles to walk.

Episode 8

Happy Couple Of Camels

Dr. Jeff helps a beloved German shepherd walk again. Meanwhile, Dr. Don has to act fast when a cat eats poison and a scared dog runs loose outside the clinic.

Episode 9

Head Over Heels

Dr. Jeff visits a free clinic and returns with a dog who was hit by a car. Plus, he helps a dog with a mysterious lump and Dr. Baier wants...

Episode 10

The Cutest Yak In Colorado

Dr. Jeff treats a cherished Bloodhound puppy that won't eat. Plus, Dr. Petra comes to the rescue of a cat after it swallowed a handful of hair ties.

Episode 11

Ready To Roll

Dr. Jeff and the team head to a remote town offering low-cost care to pets. Plus, Dr. Petra performs life-saving surgery on a Basset Hound that was hit by a...

Episode 12

Family Reunion

Shelter volunteers drive from Kansas hoping the team can save a tiny rescue dog. Plus, Dr. Jeff's cousin asks for the vets to visit Tennessee to provide free care.

Episode 13

A Wild Ride

Dr. Jeff has been helping pets around the world for 30 years. He remembers some of the most special, inspiring and important cases he has taken on.