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Denver’s most passionate and persevering veterinarian is back – flip flops, long hair, tattoos and all – to tackle high-stress situations at his vet clinic Planned Pethood Plus.


Episode 1

Miracle On The Freeway

Dr. Jeff treats a dog after it jumped from a fast-moving car on the highway. Plus, a couple of rescue guinea pigs cause a stir around the office.

Episode 2

Gator Tale

An adventurous puppy falls off a trampoline, can Dr. Jeff and Petra mend its broken leg? Meanwhile, Susan takes care of a litter of kittens and their mum.

Episode 3

Petra's Pigs

Tigger the cat is monitored closely for unusual eating habits. Plus, Dr. Jeff cautions an owner of the perils of buying online when she brings in her unwell puppy.

Episode 4

Mission In South Dakota

The team lend a hand at Lakota Reservation in South Dakota. Back at the clinic, Amy debates emergency surgery for a French bulldog who ate his favourite toy.

Episode 5

Jeff And The Jaguar

Dr. Jeff and Petra train new vets at a wildlife sanctuary in Mexico. While there, they spay an endangered jaguar, and help an injured osprey.

Episode 6

A First For Dr. Jeff

Dr. Jeff performs a surgery he'd never done before on a dog with laboured breathing. Meanwhile, Dr. Baier saves some neglected ornate box turtles.

Episode 7

The Littlest Rescuer

A dog is rushed to the clinic after being hit by a car. Four rats must be neutered before adoption and a little girl rescues kittens in Grand Junction.

Episode 8

Fainting Goat Ranch

A tribe of fainting goats are seen by Dr. Jeff and Hector, while Dr. Amy discovers why a cute and cuddly kitten is teary-eyed.

Episode 9

Naked Kitten's New Dad

Dr. Jeff and vet tech Ben head to a remote island in Panama to help with the pet population. And, a sickly Sphynx kitten needs serious medical attention.

Episode 10

Kino's Mystery

Dr. Amy performs surgery on a canine who was impaled with a stick, while Dr. Baier helps Kino, a hound in heat even though she's been spayed twice.

Episode 11

Frenchie with a Bump

Coco the Frenchie needs Dr. Jeff's help to remove a large lump from her face. Meanwhile, vet tech Christine faces her fear of birds while helping pigeons.

Episode 12

Bison Wranglers

Dr. Jeff discovers a large mass on a loveable canine. Vet tech Kelly treats her dog's sun-damaged nose, and Dr. Baier and Hector join forces to treat wild bison.

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