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Dr. Dee and her team attempt to helicopter rescue a wounded horse from the wilderness, and investigate the cause of a bearded dragon’s long slumber.


Episode 1

On the Edge of Nowhere

Dr. Dee and husband Ken help the remote villages of Alaska by hosting a vet clinic. She has emergency with an akita apparently suffering from a gunshot wound.

Episode 2

High on the Hog

Pot-bellied pig Lilly Lou undergoes surgery full of surprises, Dr. Dee treats a stallion with a possibly deadly tumour and she fundraises with a pet tricks contest.

Episode 3

Against All Odds

Dr. Dee and Ken host a vet clinic, Dr. Terry performs emergency surgery on a dog that suffered an attack, and a mystery surrounding a lovesick turtle is solved.

Episode 4

Critical Condition

Dee sees a Chihuahua with a life-threatening condition, a Macaw needing a beak trim and a gravely ill calf. Dee and Ken bring some fainting goats into the family.

Episode 5

Down To The Wire

Dr. Dee checks a high-kicking pack horse, and Dr. Terry and Nicole head to Arctic Village for a remote clinic. Dr. Dee treats a dog with a cancerous-looking mass.

Episode 6

Farm Frenzy

Dr. Dee flies her mom to a remote vet clinic in Manley Hot Springs, Alaska. At Animal House, a bunny has a tricky abscess, and some St. Bernard puppies visit...

Episode 7

Raging Bull

Dr. Dee flies to Healy, Alaska for a remote clinic. Plus, Dr. Dee prepares Nugget the Bull for breeding season and Dr. Terry gets a surprise giving shots to six...

Episode 8

Operation Baby Owl Rescue

Dr. Dee flies to rescue six baby owls whose parents were killed by an eagle. At Animal house Dr. Dee's dog becomes a blood donor for a Labrador.

Episode 9

40 Snakes And Counting

Dr. Dee performs a three-hour surgery to save a dog's life. And, Dr. Dee visits a giant Tegu lizard and several snakes for a wellness check.

Episode 10

Battling Fiv

Dr. Dee treats a border collie puppy with a congenital issue and a rescued cat who may have an incurable disease called feline immunodeficiency virus.

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