Episode 1

The Woman Hater's Club

Austin P.D. detective Lisa Morrill's life is changed forever when the luck of the draw lands her three brutal homicide cases of young women back-to-back.

Episode 2

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

John Raley battles against a corrupt district attorney's office to free an innocent man of murder and catch the real killer of two homicide cases.

Episode 3

Twist In The Wind

Former police chief Clay Bryant finally gets the chance to solve a haunting cold case from his childhood that his now late father was powerless to fight.

Episode 4

The Witching Hour

Arlington P.D. detective Byron Stewart races to save his legacy on the force by solving the unexplained double homicide of an elderly Vietnamese couple.

Episode 5

The Phantom Of La Palma

In La Palma, California, veteran cop Jim Engen and rookie detective Paul Bracciodieta get a promising break in the 1974 cold case murder of Annie Ross.

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