Episode 1


Nadine Aburas meets wealthy businessman Sammy Almahri on an internet dating website. But Sammy's controlling behaviour escalates into a brutal crime.

Episode 2

Nicole White

In 2015, mother of two Nicole White is found dead in a remote area of Washington. The search for Nicole's killer leads detectives to a man she met online.

Episode 3

Clare Wood

In 2009, 36-year-old mother Clare Wood is found dead at her home. Police suspect this horrific crime was perpetrated by a man who Clare met on Facebook.

Episode 4


In 2007, schoolgirl Carly Ryan is found dead in Horseshoe Bay, Adelaide. Detectives hunt down a serial paedophile who hid behind fake online personas.

Episode 5

Lorraine Long

In 2010, grandmother Lorraine Long from Arizona began dating a man she had met online. After she ended the relationship, he turned into a monster.

Episode 6

Kayleigh Haywood

In 2015, 15-year-old schoolgirl Kayleigh disappeared. Five days later, her body was discovered and police believed a 27-year-old man she met online was the killer.

Episode 7

Episode 7

In 2015, mother Ashley met a man online and a few hours later she went to meet him. When she didn't return, her family knew something had happened to her.

Episode 8

Sharon Siermans

In 2013, 29-year-old mother Sharon Siermans went on a date with a man she had met online. She was later found brutally murdered, was her date the killer?

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